The Desire Map | Inner World: Attitudes

Each Core Desired Feeling is an expression of our true self. When we focus on generating a particular feeling, we’re animating an aspect of our truth. 

This can be a really profound introspection. Essentially, we’re looking at how the attitude we’re holding intensifies or dilutes our desired feelings. We need to choose perspectives that help our Core Desired Feelings to emerge. In today’s podcast, we do just that. 

FEELINGS inform THOUGHTS inform BEHAVIOUR. In this exercise we’re creating thoughts that support our feelings. What’s the “inner attitude” that will help you generate a particular feeling?


I feel Flow more when I’m thinking more optimistically. I feel Luminous more when I’m trusting in God. I feel Expansive more when I let go of my belief that I have to earn my keep . . .

(insert core desired feeling) requires me to be more . . .

(insert core desired feeling) requires me to be less . . .

More in the podcast down below!


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