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We’re back with another fantastic listening exercise for TOEFL! Today’s episode is going to be on enrollment. Remember, make sure you do the listening first (in the podcast down below) before looking at the questions. Here’s my note-taking!

Podcast with Listening


Situation: tried to enroll into field study

already full, had to be put on waiting list

applied for independent study program

can schedule accommodate both: yes

way too busy?

only you know the answer, recommend both if he can manage

more experience and increases learning

+ if one in future, take both now frees up schedule

Decide, take on too much make equate to poor performance

Go with class that is waitlisted now


spring course, look into new course in the future

other candidate: lives on same floor

Become good friends, same interest, etc

Tell him about spring course, too

Stay ahead because getting classes is hard


1 What does this student ask his professor advice about?

  • His future class schedule.
  • How to get a job.
  • How to get good grades.
  • How to pass this class.

2 Which of the following is NOT one of the options that the student is weighing?

  • The field study course.
  • The independent study program.
  • The research program.
  • The student is considering all of the above options.

3 Under what circumstances should the student take both courses?

  • He should take both regardless of the circumstances.
  • He should only take both of them if he gets good grades this semester.
  • He should only take both of them if he thinks he’ll have the time for it.
  • He should only take both of them if he has friends in those courses.

4 Which of the following would be a benefit of the student taking both courses?

  • Freeing up his schedule in the future.
  • Having a lot of extra work to do.
  • There is no benefit to taking both courses.
  • Both A and B.

5 Which of the statements below describes the student’s main concern the best?

  • The student feels unsure if either of the classes is a match for his interests.
  • The student is afraid of taking on more work than he can cope with.
  • The student wants to gain insights about both classes from the professor.
  • The student wishes he could have a partner to do the same class with.

Answers on next page

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