TOEFL iBT | Reading | Anglo-Saxons

  1. The word Anglo-saxon derives from two words, meaning British-German.
  2. Saint Patrick was an Irish missionary who converted the people of Northern Ireland
  3. Christianity survived only in the areas not invaded by Anglo-Saxons, and important missionaries came from those areas
  4. Because it sheds light on the history of Britain between the sixth and eight centuries
  5. Britain was divided into several kingdoms and some remained independent
  6. Decrease
  7. But a conflict emerged related to the Christian calendar
  8. The Christian church in Brain faced many challenges between the sixth and eighth centuries, but continued to thrive
  9. C
  10. B, C, E

b, c and e are the correct answers because there is evidence in the passage supporting each point.
b > paragraph 4
c > paragraph 4
e > paragraph 4

a this is incorrect as it exaggerates the meaning in the paragraph.
d this is incorrect as it distorts the meaning of the paragraph.
f this is incorrect as there was no relationship between the church and the monarchy, according to the passage.

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