TOEFL iTP | Grammar | Structure Mini-test #1

Welcome back to another full mini-test podcast! In today’s podcast, I will be covering a number of different sentences (as seen down below if you’re reading this blog) and break down each individual segment. You guys are going to enjoy this because this will be a round-up of all the past TOEFL iTP podcasts I’ve done, so make sure you refer back! We’re on the homestretch before we get into the Written Expression phase, so let’s kick this off with a BANG!

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1. ________ by Anna Baldwin in 1878.

a. The invention of the vacuum milking machine

b. That the vacuum milking machine was invented

c. The vacuum milking machine, which was invented

d. The vacuum milking machine was invented

2. Dry cleaning is the process ________ clothes are cleaned in liquids other than water.

a. by

b. which through

c. by which

d. through

3. Sand dunes are made of loose sand _______ up by the action of the wind. a. it builds

b. builds

c. is building

d. built

4. ______________ book Jubilee, which was based on the life of her great-grandmother, Margaret Walker was awarded the Pulitzer Prize.

a. For her

b. Her

c. It was her

d. That her

5. Job specialization takes place ___________ of production is separated into occupations.

a. whenever the work is

b. when the work

c. is when the work

d. whenever working

6. _________ are hot is a common misconception.

a. All deserts

b. All deserts which

c. Of all deserts

d. That all deserts

7. ___________ imaginative stories about the origin of the game of chess.

a. Many of the

b. Many

c. There are many

d. Of the man

8. _____________ one of Canada’s greatest engineering projects, is a twenty-seven-mile long waterway between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.

a. Because the Welland Ship Canal is

b. The Welland Ship Canal is

c. That the Welland Ship Canal is

d. The Welland Ship Canal,

9. A deep-tissue massage is a type of massage therapy ____________ on one part of the body, such as the lower back.

a. its concentration is

b. concentrating

c. why it concentrates

d. to be concentrated

10. One of the most powerful optical telescopes, the “Big Eye” at Mt. Palomar, ___________ a two-hundred-inch mirror.

a. has

b. that has

c. with

d. which

11. Elfego Baca, ___________ legendary Mexican-American folk hero, was a lawman in New Mexico in the late 1880s.

a. a

b. who, as a

c. was a

d. and he was a

12. __________ relatively inexpensive, the metal pewter can be fashioned into beautiful and useful objects.

a. Even it is

b. Despite

c. Nevertheless, it is

d. Although

13. _____________ is a general category that includes all mental states and activities.

a. What do psychologists call cognition

b. Psychologists call it cognition

c. What psychologists call cognition

d. Cognition, as it is called by psychologists, which

14. Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote four novels, __________ The Scarlet Letter, became an American literary classic.

a. of which one,

b. which one

c. one of which,

d. one was

15. _____________ about four years for a new aircraft model to move from the preliminary design stage to the full-production stage.

a. It takes

b. Taking

c. That takes

d. To take


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