TOEIC | Incomplete Sentences | Improving Your Knowledge of Prefixes & Suffixes: Tactic Practice

Now use your understanding from the video and how I presented the information to you to help with choosing the right answers in the bullet points.

  1. The company’s bid was rejected because the quality of their work was _______.
  2. Jake Thomson and Phil Greene _______ the project, each looking after one team.
  3. There is a(n) ________ in each room to allow all the staff to communicate easily, even between different floors.
  4. A plumber was called to _____ the blockage from the pipe.
  5. After I returned from the shop, I realized I had _______ for my new radio.
  6. The woman thought she had _______ the clerk when he told her the price of the room.
  7. He didn’t pay his phone bill so they came to ______ his line.
  8. The glass was so fragile that it broke even before we had a chance to _______ it.
  9. I often get very ______ if there is heavy traffic when I am in a hurry.
  10. Since the gift had been bought on sale it was __________.
  • misheard
  • disconnect
  • unwrap
  • impatient
  • co-supervise
  • overpaid
  • remove
  • non-refundable
  • intercom
  • sub-standard

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