TOEIC | Incomplete Sentences | Improving Your Knowledge of Prefixes & Suffixes: Tactic Practice

Answers from previous page…

  1. investigation
  2. criticize
  3. internship
  4. dependence
  5. identify
  6. document
  7. renovate
  8. elevate
  9. repetitiveness
  10. soften

Test tactic: Use prefixes to help decide the best answer.

  1. dis (discomfort, discontinue); un (unable, unfasten); non (non-fiction, non-political); im/in/ir/il (inconvenient, illegal)
  2. co (co-founder, cooperate)
  3. sub (submarine, subsection)
  4. inter (interaction, international)
  5. re (re-organization, review)
  6. over (overwork, overpriced)
  7. mis (mislead, misunderstanding)

a. badly or wrongly

b. not (1 is answered in the video)

c. between

d. joint or together

e. again or back

f. below, under

g. too much

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