IELTS | Listening | Cambridge 15 | T2 – P1 – Festival Information

It’s been a few months, but I’m officially back with another IELTS Listening practice. In today’s video/podcast, I will be breaking down the typical section 1 form and allowing you guys to answer the questions.  If you want the answers, make sure you view my blog!

Festival Information

DateType of EventDetails
17tha concertperformers from canada
18tha balletcompany called 1) ____________
a playtype of play: a comedy called Jemima has had a good 2)
a 3) _________ showshow is called 4____________
Questions 1-4


– Making 5 __________ food

– (children only) Making 6 _________

– (adults only) Making toys from 7 _________ using various tools

Outdoor activities

– swimming in the pool 8_____________

– Walking in the woods, led by an expert on 9 _______________

See the festival organiser’s 10 ___________ for more information

Answers on next page!

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