Arsenio’s ESL Coaching & Membership Services

Patreon Membership Prices

These are considerably lower! Keep in mind that with Patreon, you get additional coaching hours for much cheaper compared to just purchasing online coaching, and the benefits of each badge (located on the website), are phenomenal!

{$5} Early Access Podcast: This gets you all my podcasts earlier. There are podcasts that are scheduled 4 months out already, so if you want to support the short, get exclusive podcasts, etc….join for 5 dollars a month!

{$30} Business English Podcast Badge: For all of you listening to my Business English Podcast, I don’t write the templates, grammar or anything in blog form. If you’re a lower level and want to practice some of the basic, fundamental grammatical structures, vocabulary, listening practices, etc….plus a one-hour session in coaching for Business/General English, join my badge for $30 a month.

{$50} Test Preparation Courses: IELTS, TOEFL iTP, TOEFL iBT, TOEIC — For anyone who wants specific training in these categories, you get a load of benefits. Not only do you get writing evaluations, speaking evaluations, exclusive audio casts, videos, webinars, etc….you get 2 free hours of coaching (3 free hours if you join in January). Oh, coaching hours, for people who are on my membership site, are far cheaper — pricing at $25 per hour for everyone. So, join the badge and you get 2-3 free coaching hours, in addition to adding on hours (they will be much cheaper than just buying coaching hours).

More questions? Book my Patreon calendar!

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