Arsenio’s ESL Coaching & Membership Services

Hello, all! Here’s the comprehensive overview of my membership and coaching services! I’ve had a lot of inquiries, so I wanted to make sure that everyone knew exactly, step-by-step, how much it would cost for the different packages involved.

January 2021 New Pricing

As of January 1st, there has been a 33% increase in hourly coaching packages, but it’s still similar to the 5-hours coaching packages.

1 hour = $40 an hour.

5 hours = $200 per package (one hour free) so a total of 6 hours.

Last Year

1 hour was $30 an hour.

5 hours was $150 an hour (no free hour). With the free hour now, last year’s package of 6 would technically be $180 — so there’s not much of a difference.

Group Learning

2-3 students = $30 per student/per hour (25% reduction).

4-5 students = $20 per student/per hour (50% reduction).

So, the more students there are, the cheaper is is for every individual student. The cap is at 5 students…and even so, understand that teaching IELTS Speaking and TOEFL Speaking with 4-5 students may be a bit difficult because the talking time for each student. Other areas, + TOEIC, would be far easier to teach with that amount of students.

Top-up packages will be coming soon!

Keep in mind, this is for all test preparation courses ONLY.

More questions? Book my calendar! Or email me

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