STEPHEN COVEY’S 8TH HABIT | SEASON 6 – EPISODE 6 | The Pain –The Problem — The Solution

When we talk about pain in the workforce, I’ve related how we/I’ve felt throughout the process. This happens on all levels; from the security guard at the bank, to the executives working under the CEO. The purpose of this book and why I’m doing it is to get you from identifying the pain you suffer from to true fulfillment, relevance, contribution and significance in today’s world.

“In short, it will lead you to find your voice. If you so choose, it will also lead you to greatly expand your influence regardless of your position—inspiring others you care about, your team and your organization to find their voices and increase manyfold their effectiveness, growth and impact. You will discover that such influence and leadership comes by choice, not from position or rank.
The best and often only way to break through pain to a lasting solution is to first understand the fundamental problem causing the pain. In this case, much of the problem lies in behavior that flows out of an incomplete or deeply flawed paradigm or view of human nature—one that undermines people’s sense of worth and straitjackets their talents and potential.”

Excerpt From: Stephen R. Covey. “The 8th Habit.”

This is exactly what happened to me with the transformation program. I had to find that deep-rooted pain, and I knew it revolved around me not thinking I was enough because of circumstances throughout my life involving my skin tone.

“The solution to the problem is like most significant breakthroughs in human history—it comes from a fundamental break with old ways of thinking. The promise of this book is that if you will be patient and pay the price of understanding the root problem and then set a course of living the timeless, universal principles embodied in the solution outlined in this book, your influence will steadily grow from the inside-out; you will find your voice and will inspire your team and organization to find theirs in a dramatically changed world.”

Excerpt From: Stephen R. Covey. “The 8th Habit.”

This is a perfect follow-up for me in terms of the transformation course because I had my breakthrough and destroyed my old ways of thinking while I was at it. I set my universal principles and I grew inside — then out. I then changed the world around me because i changed my inner world. Here’s a rundown of what we’ll be covering.

  • Chapter 1 has briefly touched on the painful reality.
  • Chapter 2 identifies the core problem. Understanding this deeply entrenched problem will shed a profound light on the challenges we face personally, in our family and work relationships and in the organizations in which we spend much of our lives. It will require some mental effort—twelve pages’ worth. But the investment of delving into the human side of what has happened in organizations over the last century will give you the key paradigm for the rest of the book and will begin to give you wisdom, guidance and power in dealing with many of the most significant personal and relationship challenges and opportunities you face. So hang in there; it will be worth it.
  • Chapter 3 provides an overview of the 8th Habit solution that unfolds in the remainder of the book and a brief section on how to get the most out of this book.”

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