10 Ways to make your dream come true

5. Be selfless

Know that when you commit, there’s no quitting. Understand that the only failure in life is giving up. I had a friend who I brought onto my podcast long ago, and she was a straight-shooter like no other. All of a sudden, and after recent break-ups she had experienced, she disappeared for months and never got into her passion anymore. She could’ve been HUGE but just didn’t have a wrong enough WHY. Although people relied on her to do stuff for their podcasts, she gave up….hindering other’s success. That’s a HUGE error.

6. Be purpose driven

Your purpose and why behind doing what you’re doing is far more important than a subscriber count. Trust me. I’m one of those podcasters which back in the day, I really wanted to get a high listener count. Because I didn’t, I almost gave up on my podcast back in August of 2016 until an acquaintance told me not to. You can be only one video away….I’m sure of it. However, what you become during the process is more important than the dream.

Set standards – In Podcast

Reputation is Cornerstone – In Podcast

Create opportunity – In Podcast

Multiply your purpose – In Podcast

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