TOEFL iTP | listening Part A | Longman | Test #4

What is the man most likely doing?

  • Watching a movie
  • Hunting
  • Buying film
  • Taking photos

What does the man mean?

  • It’s a good idea to be thrifty
  • He’s feeling a little dirty
  • He’d like something to drink
  • Stopping for thirty minutes is a good idea

What does the woman mean?

  • The flight is departing in the near future
  • The plane is taking off early
  • The man needs to make plans soon
  • The plane is taking up space

What does the man mean?

  • He has never gone to any games
  • It is rare for the football team to win
  • He doesn’t go to games often
  • It is rare for the university team to have a game

What does the man mean?

  • They should call out to their neighbors
  • They should visit their neighbors
  • They should phone their neighbors
  • They should look over their neighbors

What does the man imply about the report?

  • It is not done yet
  • It was not done carelessly
  • It does not seem to have been done by the accountant
  • It contains a lot of errors

What can be inferred about the man?

  • He will be far from the conference tonight
  • He’s not quite sure who the speaker will be
  • He knows Dr. Burton well
  • He knows that Dr. Burton will be speaking

What does the man want to do?

  • Take a short nap
  • Go out now
  • Enjoy the rest of the evening
  • Have a little snack before going out

What does the man mean?

  • He’s going to say something in the theater
  • What the woman said was magnified out of proportion
  • The size of the theater was magnificent
  • He shares the woman’s opinion

What does the man say about the results?

  • They are unconfirmed
  • They are dependent on future research
  • They are most probably correct
  • They are independent of the researchers’ ideas.

How did Ana feel about the situation?

  • She was less than delighted
  • She was quite pleased
  • She was unable to accept it
  • She wished she could have been more delighted

What does the man mean?

  • The lawyer delivered the letter this morning
  • The courier has already made the delivery
  • The letter to the courier has already been received
  • The lawyer’s office does not have the letter

What does the woman mean?

  • The phone is off the hook
  • The man will head the committee
  • The man is no longer responsible
  • The committee meeting has been put off

What does the man say about Cathy?

  • She must work tonight
  • The shift in her plans is unlucky
  • Her roommate is persuasive
  • Her roommate will work in her place

What does the woman ask the man to do with the cigarette?

  • Put it away
  • Put it off
  • Put it out
  • Put it down

What does the woman think?

  • That the man should not reach out so far
  • That the man can accomplish what he wants
  • That the man will be unable to graduate
  • That the man cannot score a goal

What does the woman imply?

  • She couldn’t afford a new computer
  • The computers were not on sale
  • She was unable to get a new computer
  • She bought a new computer

What is the woman probably doing?

  • Visiting a doctor
  • Attending a reception
  • Applying to medical school
  • Interviewing for a job

What does the woman say about the performance?

  • It met her expectations
  • It was rather mediocre
  • It was what she had hoped to see
  • It was the last performance

What does the woman suggest?

  • Going home on the bus
  • Sleeping on the bus
  • Taking a quick walk
  • Getting some sleep before going home

What does the woman say about the course?

  • The course is free
  • The course costs $100 more this semester
  • The course was cheaper last semester
  • She thinks the cost of the course is too low

What had the man assumed about Tom?

  • That he would be at work
  • That he knew a lot about architecture
  • That he did not get the job
  • That he would not be at home

What does the woman mean?

  • The rider took the road to the hospital
  • An ambulance took the rider to the hospital
  • Ambulance left the hospital with the rider
  • The motorcyclist followed the ambulance to the hospital

What does the man mean?

  • He cannot work on the assignment because of a headache
  • He thinks the assignment will take about two hours
  • It would be better to prepare two assignments than one
  • He prefers not to work on it by himself

What does the man mean?

  • The project that the woman wants is impossible
  • Two hours is not long enough to complete the project
  • The woman’s request can be accomplished
  • The woman should not ask for such a thing

What does the man say about the art gallery?

  • He is not very impressed with it
  • He think it is fantastic
  • He does not want more pressure on it
  • It is less impressive than expected

What does the woman mean?

  • She spent her normal amount of time on it
  • It is rare for her to finish an assignment
  • It is rare for her to put any effort into an assignment
  • She spent more time than usual on it

What does the man mean?

  • It was not cold enough
  • The snowball struck him forcefully
  • The snow stayed around too long
  • It was too cold

What had the man assumed about the woman?

  • That she couldn’t get into the lab
  • That she wouldn’t do the assignment
  • That her lab assignment was already done
  • That she would start working in a couple of hours

What does the woman imply?

  • She took the stairs out of necessity
  • She didn’t want to take the elevator
  • It was only a few flights of stairs
  • She preferred to climb the stairs

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