Rich Dad Poor Dad | S5 – E47 | Lesson VIII | 10 Steps to Develop Your POWERS (3-4)

It’s all about poverty mindset vs. wealth mindset. What I normally do is hang around people who have a completely different blueprint of money — whether it’s people who are millionaires who associate themselves with influencers and heavy-hitters, or students who are entrepreneurs and business owners.

I have several friends who have generated over a billion dollars in their short lifetimes. The three of them report the same phenomenon: Their friends who have no money have never come to them to ask them how they did it. But they do come asking for one of two things, or both: a loan, or a job.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

WARNING: Don’t listen to poor or frightened people. I have such friends, and while I love them dearly, they are the Chicken Littles of life. To them, when it comes to money, especially investments, it’s always, “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” They can always tell you why something won’t work. The problem is that people listen to them. But people who blindly accept doom-and-gloom information are also Chicken Littles. As that old saying goes, “Birds of a feather flock together.”

I would never go to my mom and ask her about how to invest. I would never hangout with people who literally work in a mall and hangout brochures all day. I wouldn’t hang around complainers as well as hanging around people who are at the same level as me — unless it’s for a round of drinks every half-decade when I’m bored.

That’s your number 3: choose your friends carefully.

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