Arsenio’s ESL Pronunciation Course | Phase II | Debut!

We’re finally here! The second phase of my pronunciation course is here, and I’m happy to tell you guys that this is the beginning of the core of videos that I will be delivering. 1.5 hours worth of content and 6 videos with interactive lessons awaits you. Remember, before going into that course, make sure you do the prerequisite course down below.

First Course

Here’s what the new course entails.

  1. The difference between voiceless and voiced sounds. 
  2. The pronunciation of voiceless and voiced consonants at the beginning of words, as well as the end of words. 
  3. The pronunciation of grammatical word endings -s/ -es and -ed
  4. The effect of grammatical endings on the number of syllables in a word. 
  5. The importance of linking the end of one word to the beginning of the next word in a phrase. 

The outcomes will be….

  • Be able to enunciate syllables correctly. 
  • Enunciate the beginning and end of words correctly. 
  • Say the word all the way through and understand the different sounds of past tense words. 
  • Learn the beginning stages of linking consonants together. 


As part of the interactive exercises that I have that you must submit to me, here are some of them.

– Record and submit sentences/paragraphs.

– Learn how to self-monitor -s/ -es and -ed endings.

What you’ll learn

  • Sounds and Syllables

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • Phase I (previous course)

Who this course is for:

  • Intermediate and higher

For any questions or if you want to book a call to discuss further, here are some links.

Book a Call

Second Pronunciation Course

Podcast Preview

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