TOEFL iBT Writing Correction Services

Very excited to be making this blog for those of you who want TOEFL iBT correction services (essays). Since joining a Facebook group, I’ve sent over 30 emails of free material and gave each individual the option to book my calendar so they can have a free one hour coaching session with me. In addition to that, I’ve offered them two free writing task corrections. So, what are the services?


In the trial phase, you get 2 tasks (one free) and pay an $8 dollar fee. The task will be graded and sent to you within 72 hours. This is also what you get: proofreading, grammatical mistakes corrected, structural mistakes corrected, estimated score, suggestions for the future, send any type of file (and you get this is the other two phases, too.


This is the best value. 8 tasks ($4 per task) and a turnaround of 72 hours.


This is a 4 task, $40 dollar quick turnaround (24 hours instead of 72 hours) but priced at $8 dollars per task.

So, if any of you are interested, contact me on any of the links down below!

Pronunciation Course Phase 1:

Book A Call With Me:


Podcast on Spotify:

Podcast on ListenNote:

Podcast on CastBox:’s-ESL-Podcast-id1251433?country=us




Q & A:



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