IELTS Listening Skills | 1 on 1 Coaching | Section 1 | Breaking Down & Previewing

Yeah! Finally you guys get to hear me teaching IELTS, and this is the first of five podcasts on these specific sections (1 and 2).  Again, I teach IELTS online, so for anyone interested, make sure you inquire today! Nonetheless, the blog is also available @

With that being said, it’s very important to preview the text before listening. Looking at the words both before and after the answer to preview what part of speech you’re listening for.  Because I do this so well, I know exactly what word could be coming, and so this is what this podcast is about today!

Here are the questions, as well as layout and everyone. However, you must let me know if you want the answers to these questions. Check out the podcast down below!

Occupation: student and part-time job as a (4) _____________

Studying (5)______________ (major subject) and history (minor subject)

Hobbies: does a lot of (6)_______________, and is interested in the (7) ___________.

On Youth Council, wants to work with young people who are (8)_______________

Will come to talk to the Elections Officer next Monday at (9) __________________pm

Mobile number: (10) _________________________.

IELTS Book 11 Cambridge


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