Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 4 – Episode 130 – Developing Vocabulary – Phrasal Verbs: Communication

We’re back with some phrasal verbs of communication! It’s time to match the phrasal verbs in bold with the explanations 1-10.

In a university staff meeting, Henry brought up the subject whether computers should replace traditional exams (pen and paper). He pointed out that nowadays most people don’t write everything down by hand. When Henry was finished speaking, Arsenio picked up on his point, mentioning that some of his students could hardly write anymore because they used computers for all their schoolwork. However, quire a few people spoke out in favor of the traditional-style tests, especially Lenita. But every time Lenita started saying something, Arsenio would cut in and add another point himself. Because the conversation was quite heated, it was difficult for most people to make out what Lenita and Arsenio were saying. Lenita got really angry with Arsenio’s tone. She felt that he was talking down to her, but he claimed he was just trying to spell out his thoughts. What became clear was that neither side could get through to the other, and so they all decided to turn to another important issue.

Gateway B2+
  1. change from one subject to another
  2. make someone understand what you’re trying to say
  3. tell someone something
  4. talk to someone as if you think they are not as clever or as important as you
  5. start discussing
  6. state your opinion firmly and publicly to protest against or defend something
  7. interrupt
  8. understand someone or something with difficulty
  9. explain something very clearly, often because someone has not understood
  10. talk in more detail about something that someone has mentioned.


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