Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 4 – Episode 116 – Vocabulary + Speaking – Metaphors – Happiness and Sadness

This is a super interesting podcast and one that’s very highly sought after because people loved it. Nonetheless, tune into ways you can use metaphors of happiness and sadness, as well as the speaking task in my podcast down below.

Complete the metaphors with these words: air, cloud, lift, moon, seventh, up, world

  1. Things are looking _________.
  2. This will __________ your spirits.
  3. I’ve been walking/floating on__________ since I got the news.
  4. She’s over the __________.
  5. They’re on top of the ________/on__________nine/in__________heaven.

These expressions describe sadness.

  1. She’s feeling blue.
  2. Things are looking gloomy/bleak.
  3. I’ve been feeling a bit down/low recently.
  4. My heart sank when I found out.
  5. It cast a shadow over the meal.
  6. She’s in low spirits.
  7. I’m feeling down in the dumps today.


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