The World’s Worst Airline Award: Viet/Thai VietJet Air



Delay Again

Excess Baggage weight? Wait, but you didn’t say “excess” in Da Lat? Only HCMC?

Welcome to an airline that no human being should ever take. This is pathetic on a grand scale. Let me give you the story.

I get to the airport in Da Lat three hours before. While I was there, I saw VietJet Air (domestic) takeoff. I saw JetStar Pacific also takeoff. All of a sudden, the flight had been cancelled? Now, the plane wasn’t at the gate, meaning it could’ve potentially tried landing until the pilots chickened out — for whatever reason (I’m saying that in a derogatory way because the pilots for the domestic Viet flight and international JetStar didn’t delay).

For a cancellation to happen, there has to be something significantly wrong (perhaps underlying) at the airport or with the airline in general. Volcanic Ash? Understandable. Hurricane, Tornado, horrible weather in general? Couldn’t agree more. Light rain at an airport that saw two landings and a takeoff? Questionable.

I kindly helped the airline staff with everything because Thai people were trying to make sense of all of it, but because the airport is 30km away, it’s difficult to get in there without paying a substantial amount of money.

Bad weather plagued somewhat the trip, but I still had an amazing time. However, airlines can really fuck everything up….and so he told everyone “same time tomorrow.”

Thai girl: “and what are the chances of the plane leaving tomorrow?”

VietJet Air staff: “I don’t know.”

So basically it would be a gamble to stay an additional day…with you guys cancelling the flight again and having us wait 1, 2, 3 days? You fucking forreal?

I told my friend, “hey, I’m going to HCMC. Good weather and they probably won’t cancel.” — LOL

September 6th – Delay

After arriving to HCMC a bit late, I told myself, “immigration must be terrible. Lines must be long. I won’t make it.”

After seeing what happened this morning, I was right. Flight had been bumped 1.5 hours to 9:55am.

Nonetheless, I got to the airport this morning and it was a zoo. Makes sense. No big deal. Lines at VietJet Air were STUPID LONG. A staff member was so ignorant and walked up to passengers saying this: “would you like to check in the priority line? We will charge you 5-10$”. Doesn’t sound like a priority to me. Even if I had done that, they still would’ve charged me for EXCESS BAGGAGE.

Da Lat Baggage – Ho Chi Minh Baggage

Let’s put it simple. Da Lat didn’t charge me, nor did Thailand. Ho Chi Minh? YES.

So your policies are very fucked up, aren’t they? If one Vietnamese airport doesn’t charge and another does, we got ourselves a problem, don’t we?

All in all, this airline lacks all cores out of Stephen Covey’s book; from lacking integrity at both airports, to not proving their capabilities by cancelling and delaying flights with no transportation/accommodation offerings.

If you decide to travel to Vietnam, PAY THE EXTRA BUCK!

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