Vietnam Visa Service Rating — 3 out of 10

Some people might be against this blog, but my goal is to support as many people as I possibly can throughout my travels. This was the first time I applied for this particular visa because I had to enter through Da Lat Airport (other services emphasized that they wouldn’t be able to get me a “letter” to Da Lat)….so I was a bit hesitant.

I talked to the person through email and chat — both of whom who very unhelpful. It was almost as if they were disinterested, but I really didn’t want my money to go to waste, either. I went on the purchase a one-month single entry (American passport) and an Airport Fast-Track (normal)…..if you guys are unaware, lines at the airport could be ridiculously long sometimes, especially in Egypt.

I emailed them COUNTLESS TIMES (support), along with chatting with a man named David (last chat was about asking for my approved visa and he NEVER RESPONDED just seconds after a previous message was sent)….and they never confirmed my landing at the airport and the fast-track.

I have numerous friends in HCMC and they called them….only to be shoulder-shrugged away. I had their Whatsapp….messaging them on a number of occasions and they never responded.


Living here in Thailand has made me very intolerant of garbage service. That’s one things I just don’t tolerate…and this company provided that. I wanted to make haste going through the airport (which wasn’t needed), but from the failed telephone call service, to the other things I encountered with the terrible chat and late emails, never use this service!

Don’t Use This Website

Use This one Instead!

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