Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 4 – Episode 94 – Vocabulary Development – Describing Graphs (Two-Part Patreon)

Welcome back, everyone! Here’s some more IELTS language for you study-goers out there, as well as some sentences and an exercise at the bottom. I’ve gone over this in context about a month ago, but I have much more to cover.

We use a range of vocabulary to describe points on a graph or to describe the approximate amount of something.

  1. Comparison
  2. Growing
  3. In the region of
  4. Peak
  5. Slight
  6. Steadily
  7. Substantial
  8. well over

a. slowly and gradually continuing to change, move, or happen

b. the process of considering how things are similar or different.

c. used before a number for saying it is not exact and could be higher or lower.

d. to reach the highest level, before becoming lower

e. large in amount or degree

f. much higher than a number

g. small in size, amount, or degree

h. used to describe things that are becoming greater in size or amount.

Complete the sentences with the words (from the numbers) above.

  1. ______________ a million people live in the city — perhaps close to a one and a half million.
  2. The population of people ___________ before starting to decline several years ago.
  3. There are ____________ numbers of gazelles in the region, with the population uip around 25%
  4. While the growth was not dramatic, the figures rose _________ over the two decades.
  5. There was a ______________ fall in the number of rhinos, from over 20,000 to under 2,000.
  6. There was a ____________ fall in the fox population from 19,000 to 18,500.
  7. No one knows exactly, but _____________ species are in danger of becoming extinct.
  8. The graphs show a _______________ of the different animal populations in 1980 and 2010.

Extra task: use the words to describe changes in your country. THink about people, animals, languages, and changes to your hometown.


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