Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Special – TOEFL Idioms VIII

We’re back with some more TOEFL idioms! Last episode was fire and had lots of plays, so I’m back with some more!

Drop out – stop going to school / a class / a club.

In general, the rate at which US high school students has reached 43 percent in the past decade.

Every other – every second one.

Liz is expected to undergo physical therapy sessions every other week.

Feel up to – be able to, be capable of.

Having spent the entire day editing my paper, I don’t feel up to discussing it right down.

Figure out – (1) understand, achieve understanding by reasoning.

Historians dedicate themselves to figuring sequence of events that led to a particular outcome.

(2) calculate, solve.

The income tax laws have become so complicated that it takes an accountant to figure out all the intricacies.

Fill out – write/complete a form/a questionnaire.

Please read the instructions before you begin filling out the application form.

Find fault with – criticise, be dissatisfied with.

It is almost always easier to find fault with something than to improve it.

Find out – (1) learn, discover.

Physicists and astronomers have been attempting to find out how earth was created.

(2) inquire, ask.

I’ve tried to find out why Vicky has been so depressed lately, but she refuses to talk about it.

For the time being – temporarily, for the present period of time.

For the time being, because of a series of budget cuts, the library has to postpone the acquisition of new journals.


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