Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 4 – Episode 84 – Vocabulary Development – Cause and Effect

Cause and effect is here! Along with a lot of different reading tasks about diseases and close reading skills on my patreon. Make sure you’re tuned in over there for the additional material under the 10$ umbrella! With that being said, tune into the blog and especially the podcast for examples!

We use a number of different words and expressions to show cause and effect. Some words place the cause first and the effect second, and others place the effect first and the cause second.

Cause Effect

Unclean water can result in an increase in diseases.

Cause Effect

Diseases such as typhoid are caused by unclean water.

Underline the cause and circle the effect in each of these sentences.

  1. Many days can be taken off sick. As a result, companies may lose income.
  2. In the worse cases, a lower birth rate can result from a sharp rise in an infectious disease.
  3. Lifestyle choices can result in an increase in many diseases.
  4. The world’s population fell by 5% because of the 1918 flu.
  5. People often fear a breakout of a new disease. Therefore, governments need to communicate their effects quickly.
  6. A sharp increase in the levels of any disease can place pressure on the medical profession. Consequently, many governments have emergency plans to help deal with this.

a. The outbreak resulted in / as a result a fall in tourism.

b. Diseases can have significant economic impacts. Consequently / Because of, countries need to fund research into diseases.

c. More days being taken off work therefore / resulted from increased levels of depression and stress.

d. Governments have a responsibility for the welfare of their residents. Therefore, / Because of, they should develop vaccines that fight dangerous diseases.

e. Consequently / Because of lost working days, the government’s income from taxes fell.

f. The government reduced funding for disease research. As a result, / Result in, fewer cures are being discovered.


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