Wheel of Life: June 2019 Edition – Back on my Feet

What a journey. April and May were significant hits and some of the most worrying times of my life. Thai officials threatening to ban me from the country because “I didn’t have a visa, and a lot of other things that culminated in regards to a Singaporean trip and work-related stress, such as lack of cash flow.

I told myself, “I’m not broke; I’m just having a cash-flow problem right now.”

Welcome to the wheel of life, June 2019….and in this blog/podcast I talk about (briefly) what has happened over the last month or so. Nonetheless, if you want to know what the wheel of life is, check this out.

Grade yourself in the following categories, 1-10, and see what areas you are lacking in.

  • Personal Development
  • Physical Environment
  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Career
  • Romantic Relationships
  • Family & Friends
  • Fun & Hobbies

I will write briefly about my wealth and the rest will be talked about in my podcast down below.

Wealth – 8

Just last month, I had given myself a whopping 3-4 in wealth, making it the worst score I’ve given myself in years. Why did this happen? Well, I could blame one branch (of my work) for not being fair with work allocation, but in this instance, I’m going to have to place blame on myself. I’m placing blame on myself for believing that one place was looking after me.

After teaching some private students, I had a phone call and another offering within a 10-minute span. The phone call gave me 14 teaching hours for the end of the month and the offering never went came through. Completely fine with that. But then other branches began coming to the rescue, a possible resuscitation of a relationship, and 3 workshops. Now, after getting an extremely expensive visa, I’m no longer “obligated” to leave the country, so now I can focus on paid content, increasing my savings, and investing.

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