Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 4 – Episode 42 – Developing Vocabulary – The Mind (Phrasal Verbs)

We’re back with some more phrasal verbs! I know you guys LOVEEEE these, so let’s do phrasal verbs associated with the mind.

Read the text and match the phrasal verbs 1-8 with a-h.

Everybody’s mind works in different ways. You can see this in any learning situation. For example, at university, when a professor explains new concepts, some students (1) pick them up really fast, but others take a while to (2) catch on. Some like to analyze the new concept in smaller chunks and then gradually (3) piece them together. And some people suffer because they take longer to (4) keep up with the rest. What’s interesting is that some people who find it difficult to follow other people’s ideas are sometimes just independent thinkers who find it easier to (5) come up with their own original ideas. Often they are incapable of knowing how they (6) hit on a solution to a problem – they are simply following their intuition. Answers just (7) leap out at them from nowhere. Personally, I find it useful to (8) talk things through with a friend.

a. understand

b. learn about something

c. learn something new

d. discuss something with somebody in a detailed way

e. learn at the same speed as someone else

f. suddenly have an idea or discover something by chance

g. be immediately obvious to someone, or immediately get their attention

h. think of an idea or a plan.

Put the words in bold in the text in the categories down below.

verb (no object)
verb inseparable
phrasal verb
phrasal verb

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