Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: TOEIC – Episode 015 – Part 3 Listening – Conversations

For those of you who watched my Facebook live, here are the questions I promised you. For those of you who will watch my YouTube down below, here are the questions — OF COURSE!

Let’s get into this.

  1. How long has the man been at his current job?

a. One year

b. Two years

c. Six years

d. Seven years

2. What are the man’s future plans?

a. To continue his education

b. To open his own business

c. To move to a new city

d. To change careers

3. What does the man say about the company?

a. He has learned a lot while working there.

b. He plans to continue working there.

c. He wants to work for the company in a different city.

d. He hopes to become a manager in the company.

4. Where are the speakers?

a. At a bus stop

b. At an auto repair shop

c. At a taxi stand

d. At a parking garage

5. What is the man concerned about?

a. The way to get home.

b. The traffic on the road.

c. The cost of transportation.

d. The time to fix the problem.

6. What does the woman suggest?

a. Going to another shop

b. Using a taxi

c. Waiting a few hours

d. Buying a new car.

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