Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 4 – Episode 32 – American & British Collocations with Have

This has always been one of my favorites!

Many collocations use have in British English but take different verbs in American English. Also, some are expressed simply as verbs in american English.


Have a look/guess/shower

Have a think/laugh/word


Take a look/guess/shower

Think (about it)/laugh/talk (to someone)

Completely the questions in British English

  1. Can I have a _________ at the photos on your phone?
  2. Do you usually have a _________ in the morning or before bed?
  3. What do you watch on TV if you want to have a ___________?
  4. Do you know how old I am? Have a ____________!
  5. Can I borrow your car tonight? Have a ___________ and let me know.
  6. Can I have a _______________? I’d like to know your opinion of this course.

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