Speed of Trust: Season 4 – Episode 50 – Example of Getting Better: Seek Feedback

Seeking and effectively utilizing feedback are vital to quality improvement. In my own life, feedback has been a part of every successful endeavor I’ve been involved in, from internal surveys and external customer visits at work to regularly asking Jeri, “what can I do to make life better for you?” at home.

Appropriately seeking feedback and acting on it is the hallmark of learning, growing, innovating company. Marriott International sends me an email feedback request nearly every time i stay at one of their hotels. Amazon.com asks me to rate every order I place through a third-party seller, and my feedback becomes part of that affiliate’s performance rating. Almost all large organizations do some type of employee feedback survey, asking questions about employee satisfaction, engagement, etc. What differentiates the best from the good companies is not whether they ask the questions, it’s how they respond to answers.

Feedback is so vital to improvement that, as I’ve said, we’ve included an in-depth 360 degree trust feedback instrument as part of our Speed of Trust programs.

Stephen Covey – Speed of Trust

Guys, went it comes to seeking advice, you have to seek advice from the right people.

Let me give you a great example of seeking good advice and bad advice.

Harry = Bad Advice

Harry considered himself many things, but being a coach certainly wasn’t one of them. As pompous as he was, if I asked him a question about something testy, he would say “you don’t know the answer to that?” He would then conjure up that I was incapable because of the question, therefore taking would-be classes away from me. Not to mention, he would tell his over 60 buddies how incompetent I was.

Bad advice from a bad person.

Richard/Another Teacher (don’t know his name) = AMAZING advice!

Richard was already a sound mentor at the same test preparation course. He sat in a class while I was teaching and took notes about what I was doing. This was constructive criticism, but after having the meeting with him, I realize that was the best criticism I ever received in my life. His feedback was unbelievably VALUABLE and I even took notes. I wanted to further that and do a follow-up session, too. So, make sure you’re coachable, or at least willing to hear someone out.

I then asked another guy from England about something specific when it came to IELTS writing essays and then he brought out the books, information, and this guy was a pure god. He had taught the course over 4,000 hours. A genius. I was suppose to have a coffee/drink with him, but things got tangled up and I never worked there again because one, too far. Two, I’m not waiting for work. Waiting for money and waiting for someone to fill your pockets is the quickest way to demise.


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