Speed of Trust: Season 4 – Episode 47 – The Impact on Trust Accounts

When I teach my students a test preparation course called IELTS, which I’ve mentioned a many of times, I make sure I deliver on my results. When they tell me, “I need 5.5,” I tell them, “you’ll get a 6.0.”


Because I deliver on the promise. Not only that, but because if they aim for that score, they might get .5 short and not get the required score to get into their institution of choice.

I know the test from the back of my mind and I know all the techniques needed to past the test. I’m more than capable and absolutely have an insurmountable amount of capabilities. However, other teachers don’t focus on the outcome. They don’t “clarify” in the beginning, therefore it sets the students up for a catastrophic failure.

I was recently speaking on my podcast about an institution which I’ve lost all credibility for. This place in Bangkok is super overpriced and they just don’t deliver the results. I recommended a student to pay an extortionate amount because I had full trust in them, and not only did they destroy that trust, but my student ended up scoring far less.

In the future, I will never recommend that language center. Instead, I’m the language center I’ll recommend.

FedEx Built That Trust

One morning in 2013 (before moving here to Thailand), I was checking information on my package. It had been about 4 days and there was no delivery. I went on the internet and saw that the package was “left at the door.” Just a year before, Australia Post left my package at the door, underneath a rug (like no one would see it), and I was completely irate about it.

I thought the same happened during this debacle, so I contacted them, complained, yelled at innocent people outside, and went on a tangent for about 15 minutes.

Later, my sister calmly walked down the steps without saying a word, went to the closet near the bathroom, took out the package and handed it to me.

Boy, did I feel dumb.

30 minutes later I got a doorknock — and guess who it was — FedEx!

“I gave you that package.” he said without any introduction.”

I plead for forgiveness, we laughed it off, but it was the unbelievable service they provided. He drove down to talk to me about where my package was…..and that right there established my full faith in FedEx.

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