Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 4 – Episode 25 – Developing Writing – Opinion Essay II

Developing Writing is back! Opinion Essay II is on the menu for today, and because a many of you enjoyed and viewed both the podcast and blog so much, I knew this would be something to get into again. So, let’s go over the 5 paragraph format in this one.

  • Topic
  • Essay on the topic
  • Paragraph format
  • Writing Bank
  • Benefits and Drawbacks of bicycles in the cities
  • Topic for you


Topic: The minimum legal age to obtain a driving licence in the UK should be lowered to 16.

The idea of lowering the minimum legal age to obtain a driving licence to 16 is, without doubt, a very sensitive one. Nevertheless, there are many things that 16-year-olds can already do, such as work part-time and leave home and even get married with their parents’ consent. I certainly believe that the legal age to get a driving licence should be lowered and will discuss the reasons why in this essay.

Firstly, to my mind, there is no question that a driving licence is essential nowadays. Many teenagers, particularly rural areas, need to be able to drive because public transport services are limited. Not all families have the time to chauffeur their children to places they need to go for work, studies or leisure. Without a licence, many 16-year-olds cannot take advantage of opportunities available to them.

A second major reason to lower the legal driving age is that the majority of teenagers are capable drivers. It is widely accepted that the ability to react quickly is key when driving, and young people are known to have faster reactions than older people.

Whilst it is true that the number of accidents involving young people is high, studies show that accidents usually occur in a driver’s first year, regardless of age. It would be more sensible to address the issue of safety by ensuring that young drivers have plenty of driving experience. Moreover, strict testing procedures and graduate licensing rules would prevent the kinds of behavior that lead to road accidents.

In conclusion, I am convinced that it is time to lower the legal age to obtain a driving licence. Most 16-year-olds are mature enough to make sensible decisions and act appropriately. Allowing them to drive would enable them to become more independent and develop responsibility.

Gateway B2+

Writing Bank

Expressing Strong Opinions

  • I am certain that….
  • It has long been my feeling that….
  • Without doubt,
  • Without a doubt,
  • I certainly believe that….
  • I am convinced that….


  • There can be no justification for….
  • I believe there is no evident to support…
  • I cannot agree with…..

Expressing opposing views and giving counter arguments

  • Despite the fact
  • Whilst it is true that….
  • Althought…,…..
  • Nevertheless/However,

Giving general opinions

  • Is usually considered to be
  • It is often said that
  • It is generally believed that…
  • On the whole, it is thought that….

Your additional task and essay topic is in the podcast.

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