Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 4 – Episode 23 – Vocabulary – Compound Nouns (Cars & Road)

Welcome back to another ESL podcast! Boy, I’m falling behind on blogs. Forgive me, but everything will be normal very soon. Nonetheless, here’s a write up of what I talked about and spoke about!


  1. How important is it for you to get a driving licence?
  2. Do you agree that younger drivers are more dangerous than older drivers? Why/why not?
  3. What would you recommend to reduce the number of road accidents.


  1. motor
  2. seat
  3. driving
  4. road
  5. speed
  6. steering
  7. traffic
  8. traffic
  9. round
  10. petrol

a limit

b signs

c jam

d ways

e about

f licence

g lights

h station

i belt

j wheel

Fill in the blanks in the sentences down below with the compounds in 1/a (first compound them…then fill it in).

  1. It’s compulsory to wear a _______ in a car, but not many people wear it.
  2. The _______ in cities is 50 km an hour, but it should be about 35 km an hour.
  3. There are often ________ because too many people use their cars to travel to and from work.
  4. Cars in the future will be self-driving, so they won’t have a ________.
  5. You don’t need a map when you travel by car because the ____________ are clear.
  6. The number of accidents on ________ is very high because people travel too fast.
  7. Most drivers stop when the _________ are red or yellow.
  8. The minimum age to legally obtain a ____________ should be 24, not 16.

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