Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 4 – Episode 21 – Pronunciation Log – Rhythms

Welcome back to another ESL podcast! It’s time to log your enunciations of the following recordings that I have down below in the podcast. Make sure to keep these and here yourself maybe quarterly and compare yourself. This is a great way to track your progress.

So, you’re going to create and record a voicemail message. If you want, choose all the situations down below.

  • You will be about two hours late to work/school today. Leave a message for your supervisor/friend explaining why.
  • Olga, a new friend from your English class, left you a message inviting you to a dinner party on Friday night. Leave her a message about why you can’t attend.
  • The director of your son’s preschool just left you a message because your son bit another child. The director wants to discuss an appropriate response. Ask the director to call you back and confirm a meeting time.
  1. Practice saying your message. Then record it.
  2. Listen to your recording and review your patterns.
  3. Then write down some phrases and patterns you liked/didn’t like.

Re-record the message, if you wish, and send it to my Instagram so I can grade you.

[buzzsprout episode=’1012509′ player=’true’]

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