Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 4 – Episode 18 – Speaking Skill – Expressing Interest in Ideas you Hear

Ahhh! This is one of my FAVORITES! This is critical in the world of conversation and just listening to people. Because we’re in such a hurry everyday, we really don’t use close listening techniques. When that happens, people end up saying, “you’re a very bad listener.” Don’t be on the receiving end of that message and learn from my techniques down below!

During a conversation or informal discussion, it’s important to let other people know that you are paying attention and that you are interested in what they are saying.

Making comments

Wow! Really? Hmmm, You’re kidding! That’s/That sounds interesting.

I can’t believe it! That’s incredible/fantastic!

Repeating part of what you heard

You said “Don’t do that”?

Asking follow – up questions

When a person pauses, you can ask questions to get more detail, e.g.,

How did you that?

Why did you go there?

When was that?

Who taught you that?1.04

Listen to four people speaking. Cross out the response that would not be appropriate.

[buzzsprout episode=’1010473′ player=’true’]

1.      Why did you stop? / That’s a shame. / You’re kidding!

2.      What was it about? / Really? / I can’t believe it.

3.      Wow! What a coincidence! / It was a guy you didn’t recognize? / How did you     know who it was?

4.      You lost it? / Oh no! / That sounds interesting.

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