Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 4 – IELTS Talk – Computer Based Test? Guest Speaker!

WOOHOO! Nattagan is back, and she’s back on the podcast (not the Facebook live) for a fun-filled personal interview. This was originally supposed to be a personal interview, but I changed it to IELTS because I believe she had some gems for a lot of you taking IELTS around the globe!

International Guest Speaker Waii

  • Non computer based IELTS test

Things we discussed:

  • Brief introduction given by Waii to the listeners.
  • Why need to focus on IELTS Listening part? Sharing about the listening for IELTS.
  • Sharing about tenses being used in IELTS Speaking test.
  • Sharing about Part 3 of the IELTS and question on discussion.
  • What are the reasons that motivated the guest to take the IELTS test?
  • Sharing about the guest’s experiences in IELTS Reading and the topics of the test.
  • What are the difficulties of the speaking test?
  • Talking about Nguyen’s strategy and her experiences on IELTS test by using computer.
  • Sharing about Waii’s strategy on IELTS Reading test.
  • What are the reason for Waii to change the testing centres?
  • What are the preferences for Nguyen’s preferences on computer or non – computer based? What are the reasons for it?
  • Who are grading the tests? Examiners or the computers.
  • Less review of computer based IELTS test shared by the test takers.

Thank you for listening!

Thank you so much for joining me for this podcast. Please do write down some feedbacks and comments. Please do share this podcast to your social media.


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