Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Upper Intermediate – Introduction & Course Outline


So so grateful to give this introduction to you guys and a firm outline of what to expect. This will probably be the longest season yet, so you’ll have to sit back, do the tasks and enjoy the ride.


I. Reflexive pronouns

II. Use of can for universal truths

III. Hedging adverbs to hedge the strength of statements

IV. Gerunds and reduced clauses

V. Future passive

VI. Coordinating and subordinating conjunctions to show relationships between ideas.

VII. Defining relative clauses to give more information about a noun.

VIII. Adverb clauses of concession and time.

IX. Stance markers

X. Conditional with provided and unless

XI. Future perfect simple

XII. Speculate about past events using past passive sentences

XIII. Unreal conditionals

XIV. Cleft sentences

XV. Advanced future forms.

Developing Vocabulary

I. Word formation – noun suffixes

II. Compound Nouns – cars and the road

III. Collocations with take, make, and do

IV. Phrasal Verbs – the mind

V. Compound noun and adjectives

VI. Minor offences and punishments

VII. Prepositional phrases

VIII. Finding a place to live

IX. Idiomatic expressions with home

X. Word formation

XI. Compound adjectives – parts of the body

XII. Words with more than one meaning

XIII. Life and career developments

XIV. Verb-noun collacations

XV. Communication and communication breakdown

XVI. Phrasal verbs – communication



Academic Words

Podcast Interviewees


& More


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