Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 3 – Episode 77 – Grammar – Season Finale – Question Tags – Part II

Welcome to the finale! I just want to say thank you so much for this amazing season. A very LONGGGG season, but so grateful for the process. No, I won’t be stopping podcasts because that will disrupt the learning flow and learning is constant and every-going. There are some things I might do like breaks and stuff, but that’s only if I get really busy.

I’ve done question tags before, but this goes a little bit more in-depth.

In questions tags we use pronouns, not nouns.

We make question tags with auxiliary or modal verbs. If there is no auxiliary or modal verb, we use the auxiliary do. In affirmative sentences, the question tag is negative. In negative sentences, the question tag is affirmative.

With everybody, nobody and somebody, we use they.

We reply using the auxiliary or modal verb.

You don’t like classical music, do you? No, I don’t/ Yes, I do.

We use question tags to change a statement into a question. The question is to confirm what we are saying. When we are very certain of the answer that somebody is going to give us, the intonation falls in the question tag.

You’re teacher Aj, aren’t you?

When we aren’t so sure of the answer, the intonation rises in the question tag.

The film has just started, hasn’t it?

  1. I’m late, aren’t I?/ I’m not late, am I?
  2. You like R&B music, don’t you?
  3. You don’t like classical music, do you?
  4. She could do the exercise, couldn’t she?
  5. They enjoyed the parts, didn’t they?
  6. Everybody likes going to the cinema, don’t they?


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