Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 3 – Episode 74 – Grammar – Future Activities In The Past

Three more podcasts on the intermediate level are left! Then we’ll be getting into the upper intermediate! SO excited about finishing off this season. With that being said, we need to dive into the good stuff.


I was going to speak to her, but she walked away.

My Thai friend was arriving the next day.

I knew it would be a good day.

I was about to go out when my mom called.

The meeting was to take place on Tuesday.


  • We use was/were to when there was an arrangement for something to happen. It is usually formal.
  • We use was/were about to for things that were going to happen very soon after.
  • We use the past continuous for confirmed plans.

Task – Decide if the sentences are correct. Rewrite the incorrect sentences.

  1. The sky went black and it looked like it was about rain very soon.
  2. She couldn’t go to school the next morning because she was seeing the doctor.
  3. They were to getting an incredible surprise the day after.
  4. They thought it was snowing the next day, but it didn’t.
  5. He had no idea that he would win his next race.
  6. They went to bed early because the next day was to be very busy.


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