Stephen Covey’s Speed of Trust: Season 4 – Episode 28 – Results – Past, Present, Future

One is past performance — your track record, your reputation, the things you’ve done, and the results you’ve already achieved. Another is current performance — how you are performing today. And the third is anticipated performance — how people think you will perform in the future.

Now, I agree with this somewhat. I also heard this on a valuetainment video in terms of asking someone “who they were” in high school. That makes zero sense to me, because what I was in high school doesn’t reflect even a hair of what I am today.

Also, evaluating people off statistics is also very bad. That’s what happened to me at my last job. They said, “your students are renewing,” yet my students were moving overseas to attend universities? Past results are nothing.

So these can surely very. Seeing what someone does in the present/now is the only thing that can help you with making a decision. Yes, we can go by future statistics, but those are always FALSE!

At one time I worked with a person who was honest, had great intent, and was extremely talented, but for the life of him, he couldn’t seem to make anything happen. We were part of a team that was working on a rotation system to follow through on leads. When a big opportunity came along and it was time for this person to get it, I was hesitant — in fact, everyone on the team was hesitant — to give it to this person because he hadn’t produced the results. As we projected his past track record on his future anticipated performance, we didn’t feel we could trust him to come through for the team. Over time, in spite of his talents, he became increasingly irrelevant and left the company.

Stephen Covey’s Speed of Trust

Again, this is based on what you guys believe. I can’t tell you guys that what Stephen is saying is absolutely false, but to base anything on the past and predicting a future based on past results could be extremely dangerous.

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