Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 3 – Episode 67 – Developing Vocabulary – Prepositional Phrases with Verbs

Oh, this was requested! Well, not really, but a wonderful individual from Iran reached out to me and asked if I can do prepositions and phrases, and wadaya know, lesson is on it! I’m bringing to you guys today some prepositional phrases with verbs!

Complete the sentences with these prepositions.

about for for in of
to on on with to
  1. Residents listened _______________ the experts.
  2. Most people agree ______________ my theory.
  3. People used to believe _____________supernatural causes for natural disasters.
  4. The strength of the hurricane depends ________ different factors.
  5. The experts apologized ______________ lying repeatedly about climate change.
  6. The residents complained _______________ the loud music.
  7. Nobody thought _____________ that!
  8. The government waited ______________ the shutdown to happen.
  9. Nobody knew who the dog belonged ______________.
  10. You can spend money ______________ optional extras.

Complete the sentences so they are true for you. Use a preposition.

  1. I occasionally spend money……….
  2. I hate waiting…………
  3. For the future, I dream…………
  4. I know I can rely………..
  5. I never listen………..
  6. Once I had to apologize………
  7. I nearly always agree………..
  8. I don’t usually complain………

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