Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 3 – Episode 66 – Grammar – So & Such

We’re getting into some more important areas for grammar over the next couple weeks (before season 4), so you guys will surely enjoy this one. Let’s go!

a. It looks so sad and lonely.

b. They do it so well.

c. It’s so relaxing that you slow down.

d. It was such a nice movie.

e. It’s such a great smell.


We use so to intensify the meaning of adjectives and adverbs.

This painting is so beautiful.

Usain Bolt runs so fast!

We use such to intensify the meaning of nouns, with or without adjectives. We use a/an after such when we continue with a singular countable noun, but not with uncountable or plural nouns.

It’s such a lovely morning.

It’s such a pity.

She paints such beautiful pictures.

This is such fresh air.

After sentences with so or such we can continue the sentence with that.

The music is so loud that the windows are shaking.

Complete the sentences with so or such.

  1. That’s ______________ a good movie.
  2. I find trekking _____________ strenuous.
  3. It was ____________ a problem to get here.
  4. You and I are ______________ good friends.
  5. We did _______________ in that track meet last week, huh?

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