Stephen Covey’s Speed of Trust: Season 4 – Episode 27 – What’s Your Track Record? Results Matter!

What’s your track record?

Honestly, you have to ask yourself what your track record is. What are you known for?

Just this morning, I had a wonderful Filipino author (friend) of mine tag me in a post in regards to another entrepreneur. He said people were trying to slander his name. Tough times…as most of us go through, but you don’t want to be known for having a notorious track record.

It’s like the dental office that’s known for not giving good dental work; the McDonalds in North Bangkok that’s known for employees sitting on their phones while customers’ food stacked up behind them.

Results matter! They matter to your credibility. They matter to your ability to establish and maintain trust with others.

In my podcast, I go into further detail, but this is super important.

Let me give you another example (not in the podcast). There was a guy named Peter. Peter is a over-50 teacher in Thailand (and we know they’re extremely notorious). My guess is he’s been battling depression by the way he walks. A defeated soul walking through the double doors everyday. Well, he had a track record for being a very bad teacher when it came to teaching a specific test preparation course called IELTS.

Furthermore, Ian, who’s an over 70 teacher, was known for watching ridiculous videos on YouTube with his students and not teaching them. The manager of language center would then make a decision and not give him “serious” classes because he really didn’t care about teaching anymore.

Other teachers were known for a variety of things….thus why it’s difficult for people to establish trust in them.

Without the results, you simply don’t have that same kind of clout.

Unfortunately in Thailand, with or without the results, I’m still incapable, thus why I turned to teaching off my website instead. Not only that, but my track record of getting students the desired scores are way above anyone else. You need to show me that you’re capable of getting the job done.

On the other hand, if you are getting results but you’re violating one of the three cores — say you get the numbers in a way that violates integrity, or creates a “lose” for others — your production will not be sustainable, nor will the fruit be good (metaphorical tree.)

Paul, a very good IELTS teacher, was a parasite to the language center. He would speak ill of the entire country and everything he touched turned to shit — figuratively (but often times I thought literally). These people get the results, but at the mercy of having them in particular companies….they have to be disposed of as quickly as possible because with them — your tree with dozens of apples can completely rot.

Now over to you….

  • What kind of results are you currently producing? Do those results increase or diminish your personal credibility?
  • If you were considering hiring someone, to what extent would that person’s track record and current performance influence my decision?
  • How good is my own track record?


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