Stephen Covey’s Speed of Trust: Season 4 – Episode 21 – The S in Tasks

We’re back to another brilliant episode! I’m actually backtracking a bit in terms of my blogs, but the podcasts are here!

So, here are your questions!

  • What skills do you currently have?
  • What skills will you need in the future that you don’t currently have?
  • To what degree are you involved in constantly upgrading your skills?

These are some excellent questions to assess where you are in your life.

First, if I look at the current skills I have, they’re finally helping me land some excellent gigs. Let me give you an example.

Since the end of 2014, I’ve learned Business English, TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, 4skills, Academic Writing, and so many other subjects. Not only that….that’s probably the easiest part because normally you can teach these just by being given a book. Welcome to Thailand. However, what could you possibly implement into the lessons to make them life-changing. Life-changing like someone who reads a book….they want their lives to change (or at least me). Whatever I invest my time in, I want to be able to take whatever I invest my time in and apply it to my life. If it doesn’t do that, I don’t waste my time. I would NEVER invest my time watching any sports event because the ROI (return on investment) is negative, meaning if my team loses, I’m going to throw an incredible fit and cry about something i have NO control over. Get the drift?

Stephen Covey also said in his book, “what skills do you need to stay current?”

Wrong attitude.

You never want to stay current. Look at Radioshack, Blockbuster, JCPenney, Dillards, and stores in your own neighborhood. If you don’t consistently innovate and cater to your audience/niche that you’re associated with (B to B), you will LOSE.

I consistently look for ways to improve myself, my lessons, and throw curve balls in all my lessons. If I’m giving workshops, I make sure I cater to the customer. The customer needs only what the customer wants. It’s not about what I want. If a top Asian bank asks me, “I’m interested in Leadership and Personal Development,” I won’t try persuading them otherwise.

Thinking beyond is the most important. At the beginning of last year, I preached that I would take out all these language centers because I’m not selling a book, but myself.

A year later, all of those language centers who go after top corporations around BKK, they’re going to be without and taken out by a one-man army. Why? People love authenticity and HATE middlemen.

Journal everything down and let’s keep moving!


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