Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 3 – Developing Speaking – Negotiating & Collaborating

I’m bringing negotiating and speaking back for one week! Maybe two. Just for these last couple of weeks. Upper Intermediate will surely have it, so stay tuned for that! Here’s a speaking bank and talking about different jobs in the world.

1. What do you think?

2. What do you think about…..

3. What about you?

4. Do you agree?

5. Don’t you think so?


Yes, I agree.

Yes, you’re right.



I think you’re right.

That’s true.

I agree with you.

I see what you mean.

That’s a good idea.


I see what you mean, but…

I suppose so, but….

I’m not sure.

Maybe, but…

I agree up to a point, but…..

Here are some jobs. I want you to grab a friend and talk to each other about how these jobs POSSIBLY improve/not help society.




Entrepreneur (career)


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