Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 3 – Vocabulary – Work Conditions & Responsibilities

Welcome to the specials, people! I told you that I would be unleashing a tirade of podcasts/blogs this weekend because I’m a bit backlogged, and so let’s kick it off with some vocabulary and a nice excerpt from one of my favorite books about jobs in general.

You don’t need special qualifications to do my job, except for a driving licence. I deal with the public. I’m responsible for getting them where they want to go. It’s a stressful job because of the traffic and because my passengers are often in a hurry. I work outdoors, but because I’m inside my car I work in quite good conditions. I’m self-employed, not an employee in a company. I don’t earn an enormous salary.

Who am I?

I work in dangerous conditions. One day I’d just like to work indoors in an office and do paperwork, or maybe even manual work. I’m not very well paid considering the amount of work I do. It’s a skilled job because you need special training to do it. For example, you need to learn to control a big crowd of people. But really, it’s experience that teaches you to deal with criminals.

Who am I?

I would like some of you to create your own paragraphs with some of the vocabulary down below.

  • Architect
  • Bank manager
  • Construction worker
  • Head teacher
  • Office worker
  • Personal assistant
  • Physiotherapist
  • School caretaker
  • Software engineer
  • Vet

Working Life

  1. You have flexible working hours.
  2. You sometimes work during the day and sometimes at night.
  3. You work extra hours.
  4. You spend a long time working.
  5. You don’t work all day.

a. Work long hours

b. Do shift work

c. Work from nine to five

d. Work full-time

e. Be on flexitime

f. Work part-time

g. work overtime

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