Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 3 – Episode 58 – Grammar – Present and Modal Passives

Boy! We’re getting to the end of this season, and it’s been such a LONGGGGGG series. Honestly, I don’t like stopping for long because then I would lose my listeners. Consistency is everything….and constantly pumping out content is even more important. So, let’s get into some of the harder areas of passive!

The passive voice, as most of your know, is common in the writing “processes” on IELTS — even more — in scientific reports and lab experiments.


Present form of be + past participle.   The water is treated with chemicals.

About 15% of plastic bottles are recycled.

Modal + be + past participle         Bottled water can be shipped quickly. 

Treating and testing water should be done.

  1. Complete the paragraph with present and modal passives.

Distilled water is water that is purer than regular water. It can ________________(buy) in supermarkets like regular water, or it can ________________(distill) at home with some simple equipment. First, a glass container ___________(fill) with tap water. Then a stopper ______________(place) on top of the container. This stopper ______________(connect) to something called a condenser. A condenser is basically a cold surface where the steam _________________(cool). Then another container _________________(attach) to the end of the condenser in order to catch the water. At this point the water ______________(heat) and ______________(boil). The steam that forms _______________(condense) back into water, and the water ______________(collect). You know have distilled water! The water can _________(drink) or _____________(use) for other purposes

Skillful Listening & Speaking

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