Business English: Case Study – Gen Y Smartphone Addicts

This is something I just LOVE talking about. Yes, this is about 8 months too early, but Business English is the next aspect of English that I’ll be getting into. When I speak about business, in any form, it’s when I feel most alive. So, yesterday I found something super interesting in a book and wanted to share this article with you guys.

‘Gen Y’ or Generation Y refers to young people between 18 and 30 years old. Cisco publishes annual report on technology use in the world — the Cisco World Technology Report. Part of this report looks at how Gen Y people use their smartphones in 18 different countries. Many Gen Y people are smartphone addicts.

These are the points of being a smartphone addict…..

– You check for emails, texts, or social media updates every 30 minutes.

– You look at your smartphone as part of your early morning routine. You gets up — then check your smartphone and get dressed — then check your smartphone and eat breakfast — then check your smartphone.

– You take your smartphone to bed.

– You don’t leave your smartphone behind when you go into the bathroom.

– You send text messages while driving.

– You regularly use smartphone apps in your daily life.

– Does the smartphone addict enjoy life? Perhaps not — two out of five users say they feel anxious without a smartphone to check.


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