Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Special – TOEIC Listening – Part II

Welcome back, everyone! Just to let you know, this is more of a cheatsheet. This is the conversations and responses in written form, something you wouldn’t see on the actual test. Now, before scrolling down, make sure you tune into the podcast (which was done live last Saturday) so you can at least practice before reading the transcription of the audio.

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Full Text

Spoiler: if you read the questions and answers down below, you will obviously know which is the answer. However in the listening portion of the TOEIC examination, you won’t have writing to look at — it’s all ears.

1)      Where the last train get in?

         A. Platform 6

         B. Is getting late.

         C. Around midnight.

2)      What you are doing for your vacation?

         A. Taking you with us.

         B. I’ll probably go to Miami again.

         C. No, I don’t know I’ll do it.

3)      Are you working tomorrow?

         A. No, I’m the boss.

         B. Yes, not until 10.30am.

         C. I saw that too.

4)      How do you do your exams?

         A. I don’t think so.

         B. Everyone did.

         C. Very well, thanks.

5)      Where are you going for lunch?

         A. With Sally.

         B. I haven’t decided yet.

         C. In a matter of an hour.

6)      Why does Erwin looks so tired?

         A. No, he wasn’t there.

         B. Yes, I’ve been really tired.

         C. He’s been working overtime.

7)      Are they any messages for me?

         A. Yes, just one.

         B. I like one too.

         C. It was very relaxing.

8)      Why you leave your job?

         A. Yes, he works hard.

         B. I wanted more responsibility.

         C. At the end of April.

9)      Do you know where the meeting will be?

         A. Yes, it is in Jane’s office.

         B. I know him quite well.

         C. No, this afternoon.

10)    What kind of food did they serve?

         A. I prefer lunch.

         B. I heard all about.

         C. Very good Italian food.

11)    Have you met the new manager?

         A. Yes, she seems very nice.

         B. Yes, I agreed.

         C. It’s completely flaw.

12)    How much are the repair is going to cost us?

         A. A week at least.

         B. A lot more they said at first.

         C. I hope so.

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