Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 3 – Episode 48 – Grammar – Have something done

Welcome back to another ESL podcast, people! I’m bringing you something even more interested since we’re getting into the more difficult stages.

Subject + have or get + object + past participle (by + agent)

I get my eyes tested once a year. (present simple).

She is having her furnitured deliver to her hour. (present continuous)

He had his hair cut. (past simple)

We’ll get our photo taken. (will)


We use have something done to talk about actions which we don’t do ourselves, somebody or something does them for us. We often pay them to do this action. Get is slightly more informal.

We didn’t purchase this furniture ourselves. We had our parents invest in it, too.

Put the words in order to make questions.

  1. cut often you do get How hair your?
  2. yourself fix Can you the computer your?
  3. ever Have delivered your house to hamburgers had you?

Rewrite these sentences using have something done in the correct tense. If we know who did the action, include them with by.

  1. They’re moving house on Saturday.

We _________________________________________.

2. They’re going to service my sister’s car next week.

My sister ___________________________________.

3. Her parents pay for her internet bill.

She _________________________________________.


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