Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 3 – Episode 46 – Developing Vocabulary – Prep Phrases with Adjectives

Welcome back, everyone! Today I want to go over some prepositional phrases that have adjectives conjoined with them. It’s always great to increase your overall vocabulary skill.

What prepositions do we usually use after these adjectives: aware, interested, ready

2. Match the adjectives with the prepositions. Check that you understand the meaning.

Adjective                                Preposition

  1. Good of
  2. Bored for
  3. Worried to
  4. Tired at
  5. Afraid with
  6. Responsible about
  7. Similar from
  8. Different
  9. Pleased

Complete the questions with the correct prepositions.

  1. Are you good ___________presentations?
  2. Are you interested ______________ going to Nepal?
  3. Are you aware ______________ the latest trends on YouTube?
  4. Are you tired _______________ taking the bus to work?
  5. Are you pleased ______________ your progress in life compared to last year?
  6. Are you ready _____________ your next holiday?
  7. Are you afraid ______________ snakes?
  8. Are you similar _________________ anyone in your family, or are you very different _______________ them all?
  9. Are you worried ______________ the game later?
  10. Are you responsible for looking after your brother?
  11. Are you bored _______________ Thai drama?

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