Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Special – TOEIC – Listening Part IV – Mini-Test

Now practice what you have learnt at actual test speed with question 1- 12.

1.      Where is the announcement taking place?

(A) In a college classroom.

(B) At a company board meeting.

(C) At a computer conference.

(D) In a department store.


2.      What is the main purpose of the announcement?

(A) To summarize sales volumes.

(B) To suggest areas for research.

(C) To advertise a product.

(D) To outline a business plan.


3.      What is suggested about the EL401 standard desktop computer?

(A) It has become less popular.

(B) It has risen in price.

(C) It is popular with college students.

(D) It is exceptionally reliable


4.      According to the announcement, why should discarded items be put          in bags?

(A) To keep city streets clean

(B) To reduce waste collection costs

(C) To make materials safe to handle

(D) To avoid attracting hungry animals


5.      On what day are leaves and grass collected?

(A) On Tuesday

(B) On Wednesday

(C) On Thursday

(D) On Friday


6.      By what time should bags be placed outside?

(A) By 7.00

(B) By 7.30

(C) By 8.00

(D) By 8.30


7.      Who most likely is making this announcement?

(A) An automobile salesperson

(B) A police officer

(C) A weather reporter

(D) An insurance company representative


8.      According to the announcement, what should drivers do in poor                weather conditions?

(A) Adjust their driving to road conditions

(B) Listen to the weather report

(C) Plan the shortest possible route

(D) Pull into the side of the road


9.      When are listeners invited an Auto and Marine agent?

(A) When roads are blocked

(B) When safety tips are unclear

(C) When a vehicle needs maintenance

(D) When a mobile telephone is not working


10.    What is the purpose of this announcement?

(A) To announce some important computer improvements

(B) To apologize for some incorrect information

(C) To explain the cause of a computer system failure

(D) To describe how to send company e-mail


11.    What has caused a problem?

(A) The installation of computer games

(B) The opening of an infected file

(C) The failure to install company software

(D) The sharing of computer passwords


12.    What are computer users reminded to do?

(A) Keep a record of all passwords

(B) Open attachments only from familiar senders

(C) Install a better security system

(D) Purchase new computers

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